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6 Pack Faux locs Crochet Hair Review

After my previous hairstyle, it was time to switch over to a new hairstyle. I decided to install the faux locs crochet hair as my next protective hairstyle as I wasn’t ready for my break to be over.

What I Got In My Order For Faux Locs Crochet hair

The faux locs were purchased around the same time as my passion twists but arrived later. I placed the order on Amazon on the 23rd of October and received it on the 6th of September. This time around, shipping took longer than I expected. Especially since it’s Amazon but, I received the package within the given time frame. The hair is available in 6 colors and is 24 inches. The crochet hair was nicely packaged and contained 6 packs of faux locs with each pack containing 12 strings of faux locs hair. The package also had a crochet needle which is always welcome and accessories for the hair.

Crochet hair order from Amazon

What I Look For In Crochet Hair

I came up with 5 criteria that I look for in crochet hair, which you may be familiar with if you have read my previous post. I will still share my list for newcomers who want to know what to look out for.


I look at the price. It’s not logical to buy something I can’t afford. I’m someone who loves a good deal and the cheaper it is, the better. I hope you’re not looking at me sideways but I will always do my best to be honest, and to speak my truth. I understand that sometimes, buying more expensive hair will go a long way however it hurts my pocket less when I don’t feel it instantly. I guess you could say that I should look at the bigger picture but to conclude these criteria, I like affordability.


I would love for a protective hairstyle to stay for as long as possible. You should absolutely get your money’s worth when possible. That’s why I like it when crochet hair can maintain its original condition for as long as possible, and if you can reuse it that’s even better. I like to look out for tangles, frizz, and unraveling. Those are the 3 main things that I have in mind when buying pre-braided/twisted crochet hair.


It’s important that you’re comfortable while having your protective style and in this case crochet hair on your head. The crochet hair should be lightweight and not cause your neck to be sore as if you just went to the gym.

Ease Of Application

I’ve seen instances where people couldn’t even get their crochet needle through the loop of their crochet hair. That’s too much unnecessary stress, especially when you plan to install the hair yourself. I’m also someone that doesn’t like to sit in the chair for too long, the easier and faster, the better.


I like to take a break from my own hair sometimes which means that I don’t want to be overly bothered by my protective style. If I can do the bare minimum, I will. The most important thing is that even with minimal upkeep, the hair still looks great. Or at least presentable.

Amazon Reviews

This Crochet hair has a 4’6/5 review rate. Reviews aren’t everything but are a good indicator of what you will receive. It’s also important to filter the reviews because not everything is what it seems. This hair has 174 reviews, which shows me that overall, this hair is pretty good. Not only that but it also has a decent amount of purchases and a lot of ladies really seemed to enjoy the hair.

Had it been less than 10 reviews, then it’s more questionable. Based on the pictures that were posted and the text, I’m pretty confident that I will have a good experience with these faux locs crochet hair. I can even say that I’m excited to give these faux locs a try.

The installment

Getting faux locs crochet hair installed

I made an appointment on the 24th  of September to get my hair done at TY Signatures hair salon. She was also the one who installed the passion twists crochet hair for me. I just keep going back because she is one of the few hairstylists that can braid hair without leaving you with a headache.  

Getting hair done at the hair salon

This time around, the whole process took a little over an hour and a half and the process went well. She easily put the crochet hair in my head and the pieces didn’t get frizzy this time around. Although I believe the hair to be better this time around, the hairstylist still advised me to get bulkier hair next time so that the cornrows can be more easily covered up.

She decided to braid the hair in smaller sections this time so that the hair could last longer. We also used the full 6 packs of faux locs.

After we were done I asked her why she didn’t leave out hair in the front which led to another great piece of advice I got from the stylist. She personally doesn’t like to leave out edges when she braids hair because It looks great on Instagram but, afterward your hair will be left with build-up and frizz.
It’s better to have your hairstyle last longer and for it to look neat. When the hairstyle has gotten older and your hair starts to grow out, then you can lay down your edges and do whatever you want.

Getting crochet hair installed

I personally agree with that statement. If your goal is to have a lasting protective hairstyle, maybe it’s best to skip out on leaving out all your edges.

Another tip that she gave me for my itchy scalp, is to put some apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle with water. This will help with the itchy scalp. It doesn’t smell great but the smell will disappear after a few minutes so maybe don’t do it when you are in a hurry to go out. Give it some time!

First day of faux locs crochet hair

Week 1

I always sleep with a satin pillowcase but during the first few days, I also slept with a satin scarf. It took some getting used to at first because of the 26 inches but, after a while it was okay. The hair didn’t get frizzy or get matted together. It was easy to just get up and leave and I could see this hairstyle lasting and possibly getting reused.

Week 1 of Faux locs crochet hair

Week 2

I will be honest that week 2 is always hard for me. I go all in the first week and by the second week, all efforts go out the window. However this time the crochet hair was completely fine. It didn’t start to look dull or locked in together. It does sometimes get locked in together, but that is mostly because of the bending and twisting in the hair itself. Just rake your hands through it, and you’re fine.

Faux locs crochet hair after 1 week

I still slept on a satin pillowcase and didn’t even need to refresh my hair. I only did it once with styling mousse but there was honestly not really a need for it.

Protective Hairstyle after 1 week

The only thing is that my cornrows were getting a little rough but, that can’t be blamed on the crochet hair. It also not as bad as with my previous protective hairstyle because this time around, my hair is still presentable.

Week 1 of Faux locs crochet hair strands

The Final Week

The crochet hair held up great. It doesn’t get frizzy except for a few ends on some strands. Other than that the hair still looks great. The only thing that is, that my natural hair always gets frizzy on top j-which was also the case with my previous protective hairstyle. That of course has nothing to do with the hair itself but something that is worth taking into consideration when getting your hair braided. 

I’ve always had frizzy hair so it doesn’t take much for my hair to get this way. In order to make the hair last, maybe looking at different braiding patterns to go with this style will make it go a long way. After all, it’s not only the hair itself that matters but also the cornrows.


I would absolutely recommend this protective hairstyle! It’s great for when you are on a budget and furthermore, it’s long-lasting and makes it easy for you to go about your day. At first, it took adjusting for me to get used to the length of the hair but, if you enjoy wearing long hair this is perfect for you.
I also like the fact that the hair comes in a variety of colors and is lightweight.

This hairstyle will be able to last you for at least 3 weeks and if not more. This is also great because you definitely get your money’s worth, and more if you ask me. The fact that you get 6 packs for the price is very reasonable and based on the reviews, some ended up not using all 6. The matting is minimal to none and after week 3 I firmly believe that I will be able to reuse these faux locs crochet braids if I choose to do so.

If you are on still on the hunt for affordable crochet hair, make sure to check out these faux locs on Amazon. It’s cute, manageable and you will be able to get another use out of the hair. You are at the right place!

My Final Rating

Faux locs crochet hair ratings