Passion Twists Crochet Hair Review

If you have read the previous post, then you know that I have decided to go on a little break from my natural hair. The combination of school, work, and built op hair frustrations, has led, to me having to make some purchases which is why we are here. To review Passion Twists Crochet Hair that was purchased from Amazon.

Before clicking on buy, I always like to consult reviews to get an idea of what I’m getting myself into. The more pictures the better. I can say that 1 bad review is usually enough for me to throw me off but, I want to be fair.

What did I get?

The pre-twisted passion twists were shipped on time and I received it on the same day as was estimated on Amazon. The crochet hair was nicely packaged and contained 6 packs of pre-twisted passion twists. I also appreciate the fact that it came with a crochet needle and gold hair clips to accessorize the hair.

gold clip accessories

What I look for in crochet hair

I came up with 5 criteria that I look for in crochet hair.


What do I look for in crochet hair? Let’s get straight to the point, I look at the price. It’s not logical to buy something you can’t afford. I’m someone who loves a good deal and the cheaper it is, the better. I hope you’re not looking at me sideways but I will always do my best, to be honest, and to speak my truth. I understand that sometimes, buying more expensive hair will go a long way however, it hurts my pocket less when I don’t feel it instantly. I guess you could say that I should look at the bigger picture but to conclude this criterion, I like affordability.


I would love for a protective hairstyle to stay for as long as possible. I know I’m not the only one who likes to drag out a hairstyle. You should absolutely get your money’s worth when possible. That’s why I like it when crochet hair can maintain its original condition for as long as possible. I like to look out for tangles, frizz, and unraveling hairpieces. Those are the 3 main things that I have in mind when buying pre-braided crochet hair.


You don’t want to break your neck because of a hairstyle. It’s important that you’re comfortable while having your protective style and in this case crochet hair on your head. The crochet hair should be lightweight and, it should not cause your neck to be sore as if you just came from the gym.

Ease of Application

I’ve seen instances where people couldn’t even get their crochet needle through the loop of their crochet hair. That’s too much unnecessary stress, especially when you plan to install the hair yourself. I’m also someone that doesn’t like to sit in the chair for too long, just in and out.


I like to take a break from my own hair sometimes which means that I don’t want to be overly bothered by my protective style. If I can do the bare minimum, I will. The most important thing is that even with minimal upkeep, the hair still looks great.

Amazon reviews passion twists crochet hair

This Crochet hair has a 4/5 review rate. That was a great first impression, unfortunately not all is what it seems. As I read through the reviews, my main concern was the tangles. I filtered through the comments to see how people enjoyed the hair and to see what they didn’t like. The positives of these passion twists are the fact that it looks nice, it’s soft and lightweight.

When I read the negative comments, the things that kept coming back were, that it gets matted very quickly,  it tangles and it gets frizzy. Some adding that 6 packs weren’t enough. Were there crochet hair with better reviews, absolutely! However, the price that I’m paying was very reasonable to me, not to mention that I’m a student on a budget.

I will be honest that I was worried I would have the same experience as those who had to go as far as throwing the hair away. That’s not something that many can afford including myself.

The installment

On the 1st of September, I got my hair done at TYSignatures hair salon. It’s the first time I’m doing my hair in 2 years so I was a little nervous but luckily for me, I was already familiar with the stylist. She braided down my hair without leaving me with a headache which is something I’ve always had to deal with while growing up. She always makes sure not to braid the hair too tightly however the only thing that I’m not a fan of is when the nape of my hair is braided down.

The whole process took a little over an hour and the process went well. She easily put the crochet hair in my head although some pieces got frizzy after being put in my cornrows. My hairstylist also advised me to get bulkier hair next time so that way the cornrows can be more easily covered up. She showed me a picture of one of her clients who also got passion twists and if she hadn’t told me it was crochet, I wouldn’t have known.

Passion twists

I can’t complain about the 6 packs because 5 packs were enough to do my full head. I didn’t want my hair to be too full and even my stylist advised me not to overdo it. I still have 1 pack left.

Week 1

I always sleep with a satin pillowcase but during the first week, I slept with a satin scarf because I need the hair to go for at least 3 weeks. Unfortunately, even after leaving the salon, I was a little scared about the twists unraveling. I always tie my hair with a satin scrunchie but despite my best efforts, the hair was frizzy. The hair was also clumping together already which is quite fast if you ask me.

Crochet hair

Week 2

By week 2 all efforts went out the window. The crochet hair was starting to look dull and the matting got worse. Just trying to get my hair out of the way would result in my fingers getting stuck in between the twists.

Crochet hair stuck to each other

I still slept on a satin pillowcase but I only refreshed my hair in the morning. I would use hair mousse and rake my fingers through the twists to separate the hair. My cornrows were also getting rough but, that can’t be blamed on the crochet hair.

Crochet hair unraveling strand
passion twist

The week of disaster

By week 3, I was completely fed up. The hair was not even presentable anymore at this point but I had to make it work. I tried covering up the frizzy parts of my twists with the gold hair accessories that came with the passion twists but that didn’t help. My natural hair was just showing up at this point, asking to be released. I didn’t even bother to try to make things better, I just used satin headbands in order to cover up the top of my hair.

protective hairstyle by week 3
I’m smiling but my hair sure isn’t


I can’t say that I will miss this hairstyle but at least I enjoyed being able to go out without having to spend too much time on my natural hair. Anyways, let’s rip off the band-aid and start with the negatives. If you’re looking for a low upkeep protective hairstyle, this isn’t it.

I have to agree with the Amazon reviews that the hair tangles and frizzes up way too easily. You have to go the extra mile to preserve the hair and you don’t get to do, the bare minimum. If you know what you’re doing then by all means go ahead, after all, there were positive reviews for a reason. I would say that it can be cute for a maximum of 2 weeks but, I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan to leave it in for a long time.

I did like the fact that the hair was lightweight and the color of the hair looked really good. I also loved the fact that I was able to switch up my hairstyle and how the passion twists complimented me. I can’t say that the hair is great because I’ve had crochet hair before that I don’t remember taking extra care of and they still looked good. In fact, that ended up getting reused. But you get what you pay for. It’s a hit or miss, especially with cheaper crochet hair. If you ask me, I give it a 3’1/5.


What is something you look for in crochet hair and would you purchase this hair yourself?

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